5 myths about WoW boosting services

5 Myths About Wow Boosting Services
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World of Warcraft is a pretty classic multiplayer title that is enjoyed by millions of players around the world every single day. There is just so much to do, you can engage in challenges with other players, build your XP, find new weaponry and complete quests to be able to level up your skills so you can take on the much-complicated competition next. But if you are a newbie or rookie then reaching a promised level where you can finally start to have some fun in the game can be challenging or straightforward time-consuming.

WoW boosting services: What it is and why do you need it?

Seeing the trailer of the game or hearing just how great the multiplayer arena of World of Warcraft is might seem tempting but you must know about all the menial tasks, all the looting, and completing complicated challenges that you need to put up with in order to become a better player. But what if someone told you that you can skip all of this as you would an annoying YouTube ad and become the ultimate player without putting in any effort?

The WoW boost service would allow you to do that. WoW boosting service is something that you can purchase and get experienced WoW players to play on your game account. They will start to complete multiple quests and challenges, perform looting and build your XP to rank you up faster. You don’t have to do anything, put in your precious time, or try getting unstuck at a specific level, all you have to do is to hand over your WoW account to the boosting service and they will take care of everything. Wait a minute, it sounds too good to be true, what is the catch?

There is no catch whatsoever, all you have to do is to perform your research about multiple WoW boosting services out there and choose the one which is most reputed, has enough positive reviews, and offers 24/7 customer support. World of Warcraft boosting services are exemplary from a user perspective, for the most part, there are some exceptional cases where the buyers do get scammed over the Internet but it is because of their own negligence. There are many myths associated with WoW boosting services and the top five of them are as follows;

  • WoW boosting is going to get your account banned

The most enchanting and repetitive myth that you might come around is that by hiring a boosting service your account is going to get banned. Many people believe this to be true because hiring a reputed boosting service requires a lot of research. But it is not like you should hire the first boosting service you lay your eyes on. No, you do your research, you find more about them, what they do, what specific World of Warcraft boosting services they offer, and other such things.

If you are not going to take this seriously then perhaps you shouldn’t go for a boosting service at all. Also, the risk of game accounts being suspended is reduced drastically because these boosting services take extreme measures to ensure that this doesn’t happen.

  • WoW anti-cheat system can identify boosting activity

Wow Anti Cheat System Can Identify Boosting Activity

Many multiplayer games out there have an anti-cheat system that can sense if there is any cheating or use of compromising computer algorithms to increase rank, XP, or player skill is going on. At first, you might receive a warning but if the same pattern of behavior is repeated you will have to say goodbye to your game account.

Many people say that these boosting services use cheat engines and compromising algorithms to rank your game account which always ends up being caught by the anti-cheat system. You must know that the World of Warcraft boosting services employ the use of VPN which can mask the IP address of the player using your account for boosting. The anti-cheat system will only be able to sense the official player. It will be as if you are playing the game from your own house.

  • No matter what WoW boosting vendor you choose, you are going to get ripped off

This simply is not true. Not every boosting service out there has the agenda of ripping you off or scamming you. There are multiple genuine World of Warcraft boosting services available that you can hire and they give you a 100% money-back guarantee stating that if you are not satisfied with the service you can have your money back. It all comes down to the specific boosting service you hired, you need to be thorough with your research and only choose reputed boosting services out there to minimize your chances of getting played.

  • WoW boosting services use bots and algorithms other than actual players

This is yet another common myth associated with WoW boosting services. The anti-cheat system for World of Warcraft is too sophisticated to get tricked by another cheat engine or computer algorithm for the sake of increasing the player ranks. Therefore actual players are employed with the task of boosting your game account. You can even talk to your booster if you want or arrange a Skype meeting so they can fill you up with all that is going on and the possible timeline in which the boosting will be done.

  • After boosting is done you won’t get your account back

There is another myth about World of Warcraft boosting which states that after the boosting is done you won’t get your account back. It is simply not true, once a professional World of Warcraft player has spent hours on upgrading your character, building XP, and unlocking new skills for you to enjoy in the game, they don’t have any reason for holding your account.

As secure and sophisticated as it gets

Once the booster is done, you will be contacted by them through the preferred contact method which you provided while purchasing the boosting service saying that your account is ready. You can check the progress and finish the order, they can’t finish the order themselves unless you are not happy and fully satisfied with the service you received.

For the most part, scammers are out there and people will just try to rip you off but you have to do thorough research about choosing a competitive World of Warcraft boosting service so you can minimize the chances of running into any complexity

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