5 of the best online prep-course providers

5 of the best online prep-course providers
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Attending your dream school can depend on your performance in the aptitude tests. If you perform well, you will have better chances of getting in. You can either prepare for the exams on your own. Or, ask some extra hands and wit – enroll in a prep course. However, prep courses will cost you, and some come at a steep price. So you might ask, is it worth it?

Apart from the academic refresher and boosted score, prep courses provide fundamental test-taking skills. Repetition and other methods can improve your memorization skills. These classes have tailored their lessons according to the aptitude exam. Hence, you can form strategies best suited for you. Most are about time management and the pacing of your endurance. You will also have that confidence and peace of mind going into the test.

There are several prep course providers, and this could be overwhelming for you. Picking the right prep course could is vital to your learning and your score. With the current pandemic still active, you may have to adjust to an online learning setup. And that is another factor to consider. Hence, here are 5 of the best online prep course providers, not in any particular order.


PrepScholar is a renowned provider of test prep courses. They offer online services made for SAT, GRE, ACT, and GMAT. A remarkable aspect about them is their materials will cost you significantly less than other institutions. The people behind the courses are also reputable, as they have achieved a 99th percentile or higher on the test they specialize on.

Their courses are customizable based on your capacity and schedule. For instance, the SAT prep course provides options for tutoring and your instructor’s involvement. There is also a Coaching option which is ideal for those who want more one-on-one time with an instructor. You have full access to more than 60 hours of video content and 1200 practice questions. For GRE prep courses, they also use a game-based learning approach. It is a quiz type of game where questions get harder as you level up.

They claim that their services are effective and if not, they will return your money. For SAT, the threshold is at least 160 points. For GRE, they will offer a full refund if you fail to score an additional 7 points on your test. You can check My GRE Exam Preparation’s full review of the PrepScholar GRE Prep course on their site. Or check out their page for more prep-courses.

The Princeton Review

Another well-known college admission services company is The Princeton Review from Massachusetts. For more than 35 years, they have been offering review services like test prep, tutoring, print materials, and admissions help. Their services range from college entrance exams such as the ACT and SAT to postgraduate ones like GMAT and ACT.

The Princeton Review offers personalized routes such as the self-paced course, an expert-led program, and a private tutoring system. For the self-paced program, you have access to on-demand lessons anytime. For the classroom options, you will attend live lessons from an expert and take practice tests. It might sound like any other prep course, but apart from the abundant amount of review resources, you can also check your progress with their smart software technology.

Their adaptive drills and timed practice activities also help pinpoint areas you need to put more work on. The Princeton Review follows a strong refund policy, having the option to retake the lessons if either you feel unprepared or your score does not improve.


Kaplan Test Prep, or commonly called Kaptest, has been offering review services for around 80 years. Their services include test advice, online classes, test reviews, and practice materials for over 120 exams. Though headquartered in Florida, they have stationed offices in over 36 countries.

They have 4 options to choose from – the self-paced prep course, live online course, in-person prep courses, and private tutoring. The self-paced package provides access to materials anytime prefer. Their online channel hosts hours of instructor-led lessons. The package includes practice exams that also serve as real test-day simulations.

However, if you prefer simulcast lessons at a set time, the live online class is a match for you. This option also keeps students accountable through assignments with due dates. They offer a full refund or option to retake if you did not improve. Kaplan also provides financing options for students who qualify.

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Magoosh is an education company that aims to help students with their academic pursuits. They provide test prep for tests such as SAT, ACT, and GRE. They have also elevated their resources, using apps to help students review.

Their online prep option is suited for those who prefer learning through videos, self-study, or busy individuals. Apart from hundreds of video lessons and practice questions, they also have a study schedule to keep your learning on track. The access to course materials also has different durations, depending on how long you need to prepare. Students can choose either a month or 6 months of access to the same resources for the GRE prep course.

Another remarkable aspect is that their practice questions closely resemble the actual content of the particular exam. Their money-back guarantee includes a 100-point score improvement assurance. They also have a seven-day guarantee where you will be fully refunded if not satisfied with the method of teaching for the first week.

Manhattan Review

The Manhattan Review is a test preparation company that caters to GMAT, GRE, SAT, ACT, SAT, TOEFL, and IELTS takers. They are based in New York City, but their in-person services stretch all over the US. Meanwhile, their online courses have reached further grounds, helping students worldwide. They claim that their instructors are among the top 1% of test-takers with effective teaching tools.

They offer many resources, from practice questions to events relevant to the exam. They use ‘Interact’ in their online course, a specific platform to teach students in a set amount of time. Interested students can take one free online class before signing up for the entire course. The Manhattan Review also offers financing options just like Kaplan, allowing students to study now and pay later.

How to make the most of your prep course

These prep courses will not be helpful if you don’t do your part. They also come at a price; hence it is ideal to ensure you are maximizing your benefits. So how do you ensure you are getting your money’s worth?

First, discipline is important. Make sure you attend every class and activity that will further your progress. Do not miss out on materials you paid for, especially ones that are timed and limited. Another way to double-check your progress is by trying out other resources. Take free practice exams online and check if your prep course heightened your skills.

And lastly, it is not enough to be motivated. Having the right motivation will reflect your attitude towards the review. Yes, your money should not go to waste, but your ultimate goal is to improve your skills and boost your score.


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