10 Best Universities To Study Computer Science

10 Best Universities To Study Computer Science 1
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Life today would be difficult to imagine without using our devices to access the Internet. We use both of them 24/7, and they make our experience much faster and easier. In 5-10 years, futurologists say our world will be a symbiotic interaction between augmented reality and real life. According to Forbes, the future’s most highly paid careers are software developers, testers, and other IT-related jobs. We have prepared some computer science study-related information that could help you choose the path in your career.

Core benefits of studying computer science

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Best universities to study computer science

There is a common rule: to become the best, you must learn from the best. The easiest way to do it is to enter a highly ranked university in the computing and IT fields. Here are some of the most recognized universities and institutes to read about.

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

Established in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 1861, this private research university is considered one of the world’s best. Thanks to MIT’s invention of the magnetic core memory, the digital computer’s development became possible. So that is why it is essential to begin our list with this university.

MIT’s campus is about 170 acres, and the annual enrollment is more than 4,500 students.

2. Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

The teaching and innovation approaches of the NTU are acclaimed worldwide. To date, this university has more than 30,000 graduates and undergraduates in the computer science field, art, culture, engineering, business, and other leading areas.

The NTU’s campus is included in the list of top-15 most beautiful in the world.

3. Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, Switzerland

One of the oldest public technology universities in Europe was established in 1855. Being a part of the Swiss Federal Research Department, ETH Zurich attracts many international students for its exceptional research and study benefits. Also, it has a low rate for enrolling that starts from less than USD 1,000 per semester.

More than twenty Nobel laureates, including Einstein, are among alumni and affiliates of ETH Zurich. The institute offers different computer science and informational technologies courses.

4. University of Oxford, Great Britain

One of the oldest universities in the world started its studying process in 1096. Since that time, only students with A-level grades can apply to study at Oxford University. Though Oxford is not the top university globally, it is valued and recognized not only in Great Britain. There are 38 faculties with wide possibilities to find the best course in the field of computer studies.

5. California Institute of Technology, USA

The devotion to applied science has helped Caltech stand out since 1891 as a university known for its scientific approach. Caltech has six independent divisions devoted to computer science and engineering. The university annually conducts numerous sponsored researches managing hundreds of million dollars in the information technologies fields.

6. Stanford University, USA

Stanford’s majors are computer science and engineering; however, this noble university covers numerous other disciplines and interdisciplinary studies.

Since 1891, this private university has grown into one of the most recognizable in the world. Stanford is known as one of the prominent universities with an entrepreneurial approach. Thanks to its founders, Stanford has many connections to Silicon Valley, known as the center of the information technologies industry.

10 Best Universities To Study Computer Science 2

7. Georgia Tech, USA

Georgia Tech’s history dates back to 1885 when it was established as a Georgia School of Technology. After 1848 the university was renamed to underline the growth of its focusing on the scientific approach. This university is focused on providing quality education on technological degrees. Georgia Tech is known for its strong alumni community. Several IT devoted courses such as computer engineering, computer science, computing and informational networks, and others.

8. National University of Singapore, Singapore

Founded in 1905 as King Edward VII College of Medicine, NUS has grown to one of the world’s most recognized universities. It is currently ranked among 20 top-universities. NUS offers several computing-related courses based on its School of Computing, established in 1998. There is also a master’s program within this school to conduct research and a dissertation.

9. University of Melbourne, Australia

One of the first universities in Australia was established in 1853. To date, it is recognized as the number one educational establishment in Australia. The university offers countless research opportunities and provides a significant contribution to science and social development. Each year more than 25% of international students from more than 150 countries enroll to study at the University of Melbourne. The computer science and IT-related disciplines learning courses are enabled for students after three-years of study.

10. University of Greenwich, Great Britain

Since 1891, founded as a polytechnical college, the University of Greenwich has successfully combined social life contributing to high-level education. There are four faculties at the university. One of them is the Faculty of Engineering and Science. The university provides numerous researches in the engineering field and is a leader in developing computational fire engineering systems.


To sum up, computer science is undoubtedly one of the most popular fields, and its acceptance grows continuously. If your goal is to study computing and IT, you have all chances to obtain a perfect job in the future. We hope this information on the world’s best universities for computer science will help you choose your future study place.


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